Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

Many people are now planning to travel or go home during the long holiday before the festival. For those who haven’t planned to go yet, today we want to allow you to recommend good activities that are both enjoyable and easy money. That is playing casino games online.

The website we are going to introduce today. Our team has previously selected and tested the site. The site is  which is the most popular site. The website owner actually owns a casino and organizes a group of well-known casinos, as well as the online casino. There are live casino games here, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Hi-Lo, Blackjack to choose from. In addition, there are hundreds of slot games to choose from. In terms of table games, the network will not miss any opportunities. Because here are all the games that love to offer.

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Another important thing we must inform gamblers is the best promotion. Everyone can click to receive what we are only here, let’s see.

When you apply for the first member, you can get a 100% first deposit bonus of up. You can play each game. Members can press the claim bonus button and choose the game to play.

After becoming a member, bettors can earn an additional 10% deposit bonus up to 1,000 baht per deposit.

Do n’t be sad to lose money while playing because the website also offers refund bonuses to members up to 1.28% per week

Gamblers can view details and turnover under the heading Promotions on the website.

In addition, for current members during this period, a referral bonus of up to 3,000 Baht can be obtained. Details of the bonus are as follows.

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Recommend friends today, the more recommended, the richer, unlimited recommendations! !!

Members click “Receive Bonus” and enter the email used by their friends to sign up. Members must claim the bonus within 24 hours after a friend signs up. And select the type of game for which the member wishes to receive a bonus. After selecting the type of game, the member cannot change.

Members will receive 3% bonus from weekly bonus for 4 consecutive weeks, up to 3,000 baht.

Members can only get bonuses in the following cases. Members and friends who recommend a minimum deposit of 500 baht per person per week.

Dividends are adjusted by 6:00 PM every Friday (GMT + 8)

Terms and conditions

The referral bonus will be adjusted to the member’s bonus wallet according to the game type selected by the member. After that, the bonus will be locked for that game type. The balance will be automatically transferred from the bonus wallet to the cash wallet until the member completes all the turnover requirements after the turnover is completed. Members can withdraw immediately


Bonuses in the bonus pocket will not be able to bet in Jeju Casino and Beer Games Room.

Members have received rewards after selecting the game type (Live Casino / Slots / Table Games). Members cannot change.

Members can only get bonuses in the following cases. Members and friends who recommend a minimum deposit of 500 baht per person per week.

Members get 4 weeks referral bonus for each referral.

A friend’s net win is calculated as a bonus. Will count every Monday to Sunday

Pre-withdrawal balance live casino and 5 table games and 20 slot machines

The bonus will be adjusted to a minimum of 50 baht. If the bonus received is low, the minimum amount will not be carried forward to next week.

If the member’s outstanding balance exceeds 5 baht, the member must complete the turnover of the bonus received before. When referring a bonus to refer a friend

The bet amount for this promotion. It will not be counted in the weekly bonus computer bonus calculation.

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It is not transparent if a member or friend is advised to have a bet that it is fraud. Data or IP copy referral bonuses including suggested members and friends will be cancelled immediately.

Members must register before referring a friend.

If more than 1 member suggests the same friend, only the first referrer will get a referral bonus.

General promotion conditions are valid.

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