One Of Them Is That I Can No Longer Play With Chelsea

One Of Them Is That I Can No Longer Play With Chelsea

Longer Play With Chelsea forward Eden Hazard revealed that he wanted to go back and work with former navy boss Jose Mourinho. He is currently the manager of the current team. He said he has apologized to him after his speech. “I have no regrets in my career. But one of them is that I can no longer play with Chelsea. Mourinho worked together, and our team won many trophies.

Our ending was terrible. Mourinho’s last season was not fun, we did not win, we went into daily activities, the practice was not fun, This is good for all parties. However, if I now ask the coach who wants to work again, I will say Mourinho “I sent him a message, sorry he went and we enjoyed the success together. But now we do not have me A little inside GUI. Because I am the player of the year is one of the most decisive players and I do less. “For Mourinho, it was the indigo chair that led the team after performing poorly in the middle of the 2015-16 season, the previous 16 league games lost 9 games.

“Ramsey” does not renew the contract. “Arsenal” will be transferred free of charge after the end of the season.

Arsenal midfielder Aron Arsenal has confirmed that this will be the team’s last season. This is a new agreement that will Make these 4 years save the club money. In addition, Welsh football is not planned, Unai Emery made clear. This will be the team’s last season.

Ramsey revealed that it must be full. Because you have a contract with Arsenal, you can try your best to succeed even if he doesn’t agree with the contract just to continue playing football this season is still going all out. The rest is up to the club to decide. A new year starting from January next year, Ramsey Agreements can be reached with foreign clubs. Negotiating to join team Juventus’ name linked to a case absent from Liverpool’s Emre Can in the summer.

According to reports, Atletico Madrid is ready to move forward, seizing veteran Chelsea midfielder “Fabregas” to play in again.

In addition to Atletico Madrid, AC Milan has also shown interest in Cesc Fabregas. He has extensive experience in the Spanish national team’s 110 appearances and scored 15 goals, including hoping to have the opportunity to participate in regular matches.

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